Sleep for a Chattery Mind

Mind racing tonight? This audio helps quiet the mind as you drift off to sleep. Enjoy the gentle sounds of nature with thunder and rain. No music in this audio.

Daydreaming Break

Take a break! Isn’t daydreaming wonderful. It feels so refreshing to disengage, right. Enjoy this audio that contains a delightful blend of music and nature sounds to help you relax for a few minutes.

Relaxing Journey – Stress Relief

This special feature is from TruongGiang Entertainment channel on YouTube. Enjoy 45 minutes of blissful music to relax and relieve stress.

Sleep Journey

Allow this video to take you on a pleasant journey to lullaby land! 50 Minutes of Gorgeous imagery combined with pleasant rhythmic music that will put you in a relaxed state as you drift off to sleep. This soundtrack will help to relax your mind and body, before gently guiding you down to the state …

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Quick 15 Minute Recharge

Hectic day? Need a boost? Use this quick refresher to help you reboot and restart by winding down to find that healthy balance. The subtle relaxing sounds of rain will allow your mind to focus on the relax response of your body allowing you to come down from an energetic, frustrating or hectic day. Great …

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35 Minute Beach Relaxation

Listen to this relaxing and uplifting music and beautiful beach imagery, while you take a 30 minute break to unwind. This is a session ramps down to the Schumann Resonance frequency, or 7.83 Hz. Researchers have monitored the brain of Zen monks while meditating and have discovered that 7.83 is a significant frequency for a healthy …

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Nighty-Night Sleep Music

Need a good night’s sleep? Mind running wild and can’t sleep? Listen to this mellow music as it takes you down slowly to blissful sleep. Night scenes help you to get in a relaxing, sleepy state while these isochronic tones and ambient music rock you to a gentle sleep. Nighty-night!

Motivational Journey

Do you want to feel empowered? Take a journey with us by listening to the music while you work, exercise, clean or just about any activity around your home or office. Or simply focus on these breathtaking landscapes to allow the view to intensify your expedience. This beautiful music embedded with beta wave tones that …

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15 Minute Light Relaxation Break

Are you wanting that quick little refresh break? Time to recharge your batteries! Take a short 15 minute break with this relaxing alpha session using isochronic beats with entrainment embedded into ambient music. For best results, before listening, make sure you are well hydrated.  Close your eyes, relax and enjoy.

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