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Incredible AR Business Cards

Interactive business cards using augmented reality technology dramatically increases your business or personal impact.

AR Marketing:

AR Business Cards Makes an Instant Impact in 3 Seconds

A business card is something you give out, like a phone number. But what if you could make your business card into a digital device that surprises people and leaves a memorable impression? You can give them out everywhere! Pass out your cards at conferences, bars, restaurants, parties, and networking events.

These are called “AR Business Cards,” because they use augmented reality technology to turn your physical business card into a digital experience that appeals to the senses of your recipients.

The idea is simple. When you pass out your business card, you want the person taking it to remember you. So why not make your business card into something memorable? With an AR Business Card, you can ensure that every time someone takes your business card, they’ll know who you are. And you can make sure they’ll remember you too.

And now, you can get one yourself. We will create interactive effects based on your needs and either print your AR Business Card or send you the digital files to your favorite printer. We can also have one of our designers create a new design for you. Just upload your logo, choose a color scheme, and customize the text.

Instead of going old school, you can always write up some copy for your AR Business Card. Or, you can keep things short and sweet. If you don’t want to say much, just put your contact information there.

How To View The Experience

AR Business Card

A business card contains markers that enable users to scan them with their phone camera and see additional information like buttons, 3D objects, videos, and more; use your imagination. Then, you decide how advanced or simple you would like your card to be.

To engage with an AR business card, the user must first scan it — meaning it contains markers that allow it to be scanned. An excellent way to determine whether a business card is AR-friendly is to look for QR codes, barcodes, or other digital identifiers.

Our AR business cards contain reporting sent to you showing engagement, demographics, and time spent engaging with your card.


Simply scan with your smartphone

Personal Trainer Business Card

Simply scan the QR code or use the link below, then scan the business card with your camera phone to view the experience.  You will see a customizable avatar of the personal trainer.


Scan QR Code To View Avatar
Personal Trainer Business Card

Including Contact Information

The contact information displayed on a business card is typically the most essential information about a person. However, there are times when it makes sense to include social media profiles such as LinkedIn or Twitter handles.

The beauty of AR business cards is that you can click on the digital icons that link to your social profiles and website, triggering an increase in traffic on your website and followers on social. This increase in multiple touch points will give you more opportunities to engage with your new potential prospect and turn them into a client or customer!

Let's Discuss Your New Card

Contact us to discuss your card ideas. 

AR Experience
No App AR Business Card


We do not include a monthly fee for our AR business cards. Price starts at $97 for a video card experience. We provide the experience files that you would use for self printing. This plan is for 2500 lifetime views. Additional views are $25 per 1000. Changes (video swap, information, design, etc…)start at $25.

Supported Phones

Most new Android and IPhones are supported.

Here you can find a helpful list of supported devices for WebAR (ARKit and ARCore)


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